Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunshine is better than rain

Ride to Yat Sen School. Map via

Today, I played badminton from 2pm to 5pm. One good thing about the sunny weather we've been having is that at least it's not raining. That means I can ride my bicycle for transport.

It is very environmentally friendly. You know, save the non-renewable petrol that the car uses... less greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and all that. I'm environmentally friendly when I can. It is not a hippy thing or something only people in rich countries do. We can all make a difference. I'm sure you will find ways to contribute if you read some of the climate change awareness sites like 1degree.

Ok, back to badminton. It was a good day. Playing for three hours straight means we got many games. It was so hot indoors that when we left, the sides of the courts were all wet. I've that bad habit of just wiping my brows and shaking off the sweat on the side of the court. I should start wearing a wrist band on my left hand too to wipe my face with. I sweat a lot more than everyone else. I don't think it's because I'm unfit. I'm slim and light on my feet. There are other guys in worse shape than me and they don't sweat as much. It's one of life's mysteries I need to solve.

Anyway, we left the courts after 5pm. The ride home wasn't tiring. The distance is not far on a bike. Although I should have done some warming down stretches, I pretended the ride home was my warm-down.

Post Scriptum: Speak of the devil! Just when I typed "at least it's not raining", it started raining.
Badminton tomorrow. Yay!

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