Monday, February 16, 2009

Starting the week

Monday night is badminton night. Barring natural disaster like cyclones or unnatural disasters like power failures or new year functions, we never miss badminton night.

Today wasn't a good day at work. Problems with my machine revoking all my network permissions. Things got so bad, I couldn't print anything or access my emails at one point.

That doesn't matter. My Mondays really start at 7pm anyway. The weather permitted me to ride my bicycle to badminton. I rushed to get there on time but when I got to the courts, only one guy was there. Next time, I'm not going to kill myself rushing up that hill.

My leg muscles were tight from the bike ride, I had no choice but to do some stretches. I'm usually very lazy with regards to warming up and doing stretches. I think I should start riding to my games every time.

Badminton was very good. In one game, we got 8 points in a row on the first serve. I'm trying out a new stance for receiving serves. Normally, I crouch low at the service line to attack the serve. The thing is, standing at five and a half feet, I don't think there's a need to crouch at the service line. So, I'm testing if standing straight would present a more imposing figure at the net. All in order to force a serve to the back court. I have the leg muscles to push off and jump backwards for a smash. So, I tried it today. I think it is still too early to tell if the change is beneficial or not.

We finished the session around 9:30pm. My dad came to pick me up. My bicycle doesn't have reflectors or lights installed so I don't ride on the roads after dark. We packed my bike into the station wagon. Yeah, it fits. Just barely. Then, we drove home.

So ends my first day of the week. Tomorrow, I have squash to look forward to.

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  1. hey!!

    Great to know that your a badminton fan :) Hope ull be looking forward to the all england coming tomorrow.. Keep up playing the game.

    Ciao da mao