Saturday, February 14, 2009

I hate sunny days

Woke up to sunlight streaming in through my window. It was around six thirty in the morning and the sun was already quite intense. I didn't feel like getting up so I just sat in bed and watched some Japanese anime.

I've been overdoing it lately with badminton and squash in the evenings and blogging about my day before going to bed. I'm not a natural born writer. It takes me a little longer to put the words down. That means I go to bed later and I haven't gotten used to the new routine yet.

I would have stayed in bed watching anime all day but I had squash this morning so I got up after watching one episode. Breakfast was a big mug of Milo and cookies. I don't do breakfast everyday but I need to keep my energy levels up for squash. After breakfast, I got my things together and headed out on my bicycle.

The ride to the Defence club is not long but it is not all flat terrain. When I got to the club, I was already warmed up. More than warmed up actually. In the heat of the sun, I had already soaked through my shirt.

David and Tony had an early start. They've already had a few games when I got there. Roko, Andrew and Terri, Trevor and the tall bloke came later (yeah, I need to ask his name again). I played some games with Tony, Roko, Trevor and Terri. I'm mentioning all those names here so I don't forget like I did last time.

It was very hot on the courts too. Even though we were out of the sun and with the ceiling fans going all the time, everyone was struggling with the heat. People were dropping rackets and my hands got so sweaty, I almost lost the grip on mine a few times. Today's games were fun. I really wanted to play the guys I lost to last week but they didn't come today.

When we finished, some people sat at the tables for beer and conversation. I don't do either so I watched some good players who came after us. I didn't want to go home straight away. I needed to cool down some before riding my bicycle home in the sun.

The ride home was quick. Most of the way was downhill. Near my home, there's a hilly section. That was a hard climb as it was around noon. That short climb felt as if I was climbing for ten minutes; all the time working against the sun and gravity.

When I got home, I had to cool down again before having a shower. Then I had lunch and slept for the rest of the day. The sun may give reptiles energy to move around, it just does the opposite with me.

I don't know why people like sunny weather or sun bathing. Too much sun makes my eyes hurt and UV rays can cause cancer. I personally prefer cloudy overcast days.


  1. One reason I left Burma is too much sun shine and hot.People claimed that SPF 15 or 30 might prevent from skin cancer. But again, it will make your face hot and discomfort. You better swimming in such a hot weather. I play tennis at sub zero degree. very good with weather..

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