Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As I've mentioned before, I'm no good at following instruction. I've been taught a few things but most of what I know about playing squash, I learned from the Internet. When people are trying to teach me a particular stroke or footwork, the information comes in too fast for me to absorb. I'm just a slow learner.

As I'm not paying for one on one coaching sessions, I think I'm better off reading and watching instructional videos. With those options, I can take my time absorbing the information.

I played squash after work today. The training squad I watched last week was on the courts. They either finished training early or their coach didn't show up. They weren't seriously training when I arrived, so I joined them. I've developed an aversion to serious training.

Spent the last few hours on youtube watching badminton and squash videos. There are some good instructional videos on the Internet and some of them are quite good. High resolution videos at short enough length to keep my interest. The best thing is you can always pause and rewind. Something you can't always do when someone is showing you the technique in person.

So yeah, I've learnt a few things I can try out on the badminton courts tomorrow.


  1. Wouldn't it be better if you post the Youtube vids that you been watching so that other people can have understand of how the training are done?

    That would make your post more informative + lively. Posting YouTube vids are very easy, just grab the embedded code from the site and dump it in your post.

    Posting the "Me" centralized posts on personal blog is entirely ok, but if you want to make it a better blog, then try to add more informative facts and links in the posts as well. That way the readers will share your fun.

    Just my 2 cents anyways.

  2. @Mayvelous You're right. I didn't think of sharing those clips. I was too sleepy at the time. I need to improve the quality. I've been focused on the quantity (1 post per day) so much that my posts this week have been very bad.

    It's true. This is a very 'ME' oriented blog. I blame it on my bad choice of blog title 'The private life of a badminton maniac' every time I see that title, I feel reluctant to post about other things. Problem is, my life is a set routine with very little variation... making it hard for me to find new things to talk about :D