Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rolling ankles [what to do while you're doing it]

Rolled my ankle last night while playing badminton. It always seem to happen when I'm wearing my Asics shoes. It has higher heels than my other pair. The problem is not the shoe it's my footwork that's wrong and I was scrambling after a bad shot.

Anyhow, the ankle rolled side ways and while it was happening I did two things to minimize the injury.
First, I immediately shifted my weight off the foot that tripped.
Next, I let the ankle continue on it's roll adjusting my body to follow along in the direction of the roll.

This has the effect of pitching me side ways and causing me to fall but because I shifted my weight, there's no pressure on the ankle. I already know I'm falling so I'm able to brace myself for it without further injuries.
The only injury I had to deal with is from the beginning of the roll when I accidentally tilted the ankle sideways.

In this way, I am able to go from tripping to a controlled fall/dive to minimize injury and get up in time to retrieve the next shot. There was pain from the initial twist but it's nothing serious and went away after one game.
It's the next day now and I'm not hurt at all.

I've read quite a lot online regarding injury prevention. They talk about using the right shoes and using correct footwork.
I have not come across anything that tells you what to do while you're in the process of injuring yourself.
I'm hoping this post helps everyone keep the hurt to a minimum.

Best of luck.

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