Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The shoe doesn't fit.

When I find people working with the company who can't loop through a for loop on their own without others hand-holding them through, I fear for the health of the company.

I understand there are lots of people who don't "get" the basic constructs of programming. That's understandable. I was in the same class with many of them in uni and they all graduated with the same degree (as far as I know). They managed to get through the compulsory level 1 programming course by hook or by crook.

What I'd expect to happen is the people who found programming tough would find IT jobs that do not require programming and vice versa. There are after all, a wide range of IT professions that do not require coding skills.

So, why didn't this happen in the real world? Why do people accept jobs they can't perform? These Cinderella wannabes should realize the shoe doesn't fit and everyone knows them for the ugly step sisters they are. How did they get hired anyway? May be I've just found the odd case that slipped through the cracks and this is not common at all?
When I see a fish out of water co-worker like this, I try to help a few times. But I always lose hope very quickly. Maybe my expectations are too high.

I just wish these people realize their own limitations and find stuff they're good at instead of burdening the rest of their team with their ineptitude.

End Rant.

Edit: Here's a little venn diagram from the internet that I think would help people.

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