Thursday, November 24, 2011

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server FAIL

Why oh why can't visual studio let me keep my opened file states when someone else modifies the solution and checks in?
Every time I get latest, the last check-in's opened file states replaces mine. I lose my place and have go to through the trouble of opening all the files I was working on all over again.

I wish there was a way to stop that from happening.


  1. That must be due to solution.suo and project.csproj.user files might have been included in the source controls. Those are user specific settings/preference files and SHOULD NOT be in the source control.

    So delete them from source control and you won't have conflicts with other changes unless they checked in the solution/project file itself.

  2. .suo and .user files were not included in source control
    Problem is when others cause edits to solution/project file by and check in.

    They should keep what's open separate for all users no matter what.

  3. Hi, I notice this post is from last year but just happen to read it today. There's a post about a fix for reloading workspace in VS2010.