Monday, October 31, 2011

Badminton Footwear Mini Review

So, I finally have a surplus of badminton shoes at home. That's something because, at one point, I was running around on court with a pair of Frankenstein's monsters on my feet. It had holes at the toes and it had strapping tape wrapped around to hold together the soles which came off. The things I do to avoid going shopping... ^_^
I'm a man. The "hate shopping" gene is probably in my genetics somewhere.

Anyway, want to show you guys the shoes I'm using these days.
The blue one's Asics and the red's Victor.

The Asics, like all Asics shoes I've had has really good cushion and high soles.
The thick soles make it weigh a ton.
Things I love about this shoe: It's really soft under foot.
Things I hate about this shoe: Awfully narrow at the toes. It was almost torture wearing it the first few weeks.

The red shoe is the first Victor branded thing I bought.
It's got a nice wide toe. THE END.

Ok ok, that's not all. It feels really flat when I switch to it from the Asics shoe. It must be about 1cm lower than the Ascis shoes. That's just my impression, I didn't really measure it.
It's inner soles feel like a board compared to Ascis's gel soles. I think I've been spoiled.
It's much lighter than the other shoe.
Things I love about Victor shoe: Wide toe area. It's wide enough for my big feet with enough room to wiggle my toes
Things I hate about this shoe: Ok, not hate but a bit more cushion would be nice... just saying.

So there you have it.
I'm really comparing apples to oranges because of the difference in brand, model, price ranges and personal preferences so draw your own conclusions.
Personally, I lean towards the pair that doesn't make calluses appear on my toes.


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