Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ouch! Owie.

If you're learning how to hit a proper backhand, DO NOT watch me do it. My technique is in question after the way I pulled my back muscles having too much FUN hitting the shuttle.
What's scary about this injury is that it hurts when I take deep breaths. I even thought I might have hurt some ribs or something.
Well, it doesn't matter. I've been shrugging off injury since I started playing badminton and I'm not too old to stop yet.
I've often kept playing after I've injured myself.
I know it's foolish to risk aggravating the injury but I still like to believe I'm impervious to injury.

Lets see, a list of injuries that haven't stopped me from continuing the game/session
in no particular order
- A squash ball to the eye while playing squash (this one wasn't fun. 1 week of one eyed vision beginning the next day.)
- A shuttle to the eye
- Sprained ankle (obviously never bad enough that I can't move it)
- Sprained wrist
- Sprained shoulder
- Sprained neck (Ok this one needs some explanation. I foolishly jumped up suddenly from a sitting position and bumped my head on a low hanging concrete bar overhead. Yeah, look before you leap also means vertical leaps :D )
- Lower back injury (Once I had it so bad I couldn't bend to pick up the shuttle with racket. But it was tournament and I wasn't about to stop)
- Blisters on feet
- Blisters on hand
- Some funny knee injury. It was hurting below the kneecaps. Funny because I don't know what to call it.

By now I'm sure all the sensible people out there reading this must know how crazy I am. I know it too and I shall refer you to the title of my blog.

For the percentage of you thinking that list is impressive and amazing, STOP and be sensible instead.
I'm not trying to put the belief in your heads that you can keep playing after hurting yourself.
I'm just sharing some crazy stories like some people might share the crazy things they've done while drunk.
Except I don't drink and playing badminton has the same effect for me. I lose inhibitions and good sense.

Take care of yourselves dear readers. I hope none of you get injured playing your favorite sport.
If by some bad luck you do, I hope you find the good sense to know when to stop or continue.

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