Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update 27th April 2011

I'm alive.
What happened since last update...

Visited sisters in Sydney.
Played badminton with Roger in Sydney. That's the nice man who came and played a few times here in Suva.
I posted about it here before.

I bought an android phone yay!It's a sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro.
Pretty low end as far as android phones go. But it has the functions I want, and the price I was willing to pay for a mobile phone. I took it on vacation in Burma and read a whole series of novels on it.

I went back to Burma for a 2.5 months long holiday.
It was my first time back in over a decade. It hasn't changed as far as I saw.
Saw my grand father, uncles, aunts and cousins. They were nice. Met a few other nice people :)
Met some corrupt cops. They weren't nice.
Went to a nightclub. No more nightclubs in the future.
Played lots of badminton :)
Played in a badminton tournament. In the old timers grade.
Unashamedly bullied some old timers. Ok, lets rephrase that, I was ashamed but they made me do it.

Visited Bangkok.
Tiring experience. Do NOT go there with shopaholics.
I am convinced 1 day in Platinum Mall caused more wear and tear damage on my legs than a week of badminton.

Met another badminton friend through this blog. Apparently, my visibility is better than Fiji badminton's online presence.

Got back to Fiji.
Played lots of singles.
Took a long break from playing due to injuries. Ok maybe it was only 3 weeks but that's long for me.

Broke my promise to rest the shoulder and played while still injured.

Playing in Fiji Internationals next weekend.
Still injured. Not expecting to go far. Just have fun and gain experience.

There you go. Now we're up to date :)

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