Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Making new friends

It is wonderful! One of my readers accepted my open invitation to play badminton in Suva.

He emailed me last week saying he will be in Suva for one week for work. Could he have a game or two during his stay? So I sent him our badminton schedule and my phone number.

He calls me up this morning, asking if we were playing today? I replied yes, at the Yat Sen Secondary school hall, 7pm to 9pm.

So I picked him up from his apartment in town and we played some games. I really enjoyed today and I even played better than last week. I think it is because I had a spectator. Can't have my readers thinking I suck at this game can I?

Thanks for the game Roger, you're welcome anytime.

Oh and thanks for bringing that tube of Aeroplane feather shuttles.

Aeroplane Feather Shuttles
Image source: borrowed(without asking) from some user's upload at

Feather shuttles are out of stock and quite impossible to find at the shops here.

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