Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Got a kink in my back from sitting too long at my desk. So I got up to stretch my legs.
I see two guys poring over this screen umm-ing and ahh-ing saying "I think it's frozen"... "I think it's stuck."
I thought he had some performance issues. I always find hardware performance a nagging issue with my own machine so I thought I'd gloat over someone else's misery for a change.

Sadly, the machine was just fine. It had better specs than mine. Crap! Nothing to gloat about.
One glance at the guy's screen tells me he's got a dialog box open which was misplaced off the display area. So all he saw was this program with a grayed out title bar showing his window as inactive. Using your laptop with an external display will do this sometimes.
Simple fix, Alt+SpaceBar, out pops the control box of the missing dialog box.
Choose Move. Press the arrow keys on keyboard until the dialog box is dragged into viewable area.
Another way to fix it would be to open up your computer's display properties and reset to using only one display.

Moral of the story? Experience beats two smart IT guys huddled over a machine. Any day!

When you're faced with a problem, there's no tool more handy than experience.

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