Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Anger Management. I need help.

I'm unhappy. I haven't played a single game of badminton for over 2 weeks.
Our favorite place is being renovated and no one wants to play at the other venue.
I've been feeling grouchy the whole week.

When I'm grouchy...
Oscar the grouchI don't complete my sentences in IM.
I use more colorful language. (pissed instead of angry, fucked up instead of messed up etc ...)
I start replying to every stupid email in my inbox.
Flame wars get started and Trolls get fed.
People having their 'Water cooler' conversations when they're not near a water cooler makes me mad.

My friend says
ur getting cranky in yer old age
u got cabin fever!
Maybe he's right. Or maybe what I really need is a good badminton session.

Oscar was stolen from here

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