Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm too tired and sleepy to write today. Arrived home from badminton at around 10:00pm. A good shower, dinner and clean up makes it 11:20pm when I finally sit in front of the computer.

Seriously considered not writing a post today. I have to wake up early tomorrow for a work related trip. 6am is an ungodly hour to be up and about IMO. I also don't want to type up something incoherent in my impaired state. I wrote this post in spite of my concerns because I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if I don't get into the habit of writing regularly, I'll get into the habit of procrastinating. I really want to avoid writers block. @Sanjuroku did tell me the cure for writer's block is to lower my standards. So, I'm lowering my standards today.

When I arrived home from work today, I was greeted with bad news. There was no water in the tap. During the day, the PWD (Public Works Department) has been fixing that low pressure problem we'd been experiencing. That's a major inconvenience because I like having a shower to freshen up before leaving home again for badminton. Don't think I'll cancel badminton just because there's no water. I can shower at the gym thank you very much. Ha! The whole of Fiji has to experience a water cut before I cancel badminton. Anyway, the water did come back on after a few minutes but it was very muddy water. I wasn't about to take a mud bath so I did without my usual shower.

I left home at half past six. It is about 25 minutes walk from home to badminton. It was not tiring at the pace I kept but I did get some sweat out of the exercise. I got to the courts early. There was just one other guy there before me. The rest of the group turned up on fiji time (See Badminton on Fiji Time).

When we entered the playing hall, another badminton group was on the courts so we had to wait for them to vacate the courts. Usually, we have the hall all to ourselves but today, the other group felt they needed the extra training. We're planning to have an inter-club competition sometime this month. I'll write more on that, when it happens.

Waiting that team out meant we started our session about 45 minutes late. Today's session was good. We added a new player to our group (new as in he hasn't played with us regularly before). It is interesting to see how people adjust to someone new. My performance today was not the best it could be. I failed to select the right shots and my game suffered. However that maybe, badminton is as always great fun!

I could go on and on about today's games but I can't keep my eyes open to type it up. So sleepy... I'll wrap up here. I'll do a more satisfying post next time, when I'm more alert.

Good night everyone... ZZzzz ZZz zzz.....

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  1. yip, going early 6am to work related stuff really counts.