Saturday, February 21, 2009

Squash on Tap!

I've been playing squash the last couple of weekends with a group of people my friend John introduced me to. They are a great bunch. We have a Google group on the web aptly named Squash On Tap. We play squash on Saturday mornings at the Defence Club and when we're done, we sit together for a drink and some conversation.

Most people go for beer while I get myself a soft drink. Most of the people in the group work for foreign governmental organisations. They are people who have been to many countries so conversation is very interesting.

I'm not a great orator so I mostly listen. Today's conversation topics turned to American politics and the world financial crisis. I was out of my depth because I don't understand politics at all and the only economics I know is how much money is currently in my wallet. It was educational and I guess I need to do some reading.

Today is bright and sunny so I took my bicycle there and back. Since I started playing with these guys, my Saturday mornings are a lot more enjoyable. It beats sitting at home and watching DVDs.


  1. ္firstly I should know is what is fiji. so I surfed the internet what is fiji then i got some information. then i need to know is what is squash tap. and still do not know the meaning of squash on tap but i learned that something to play. another word is orator and still do not know what is this again and later knew that it means public speaker. oh.. I do not know so many thing. may be.. i am..out of ..

  2. When my #1 reader can't understand what I'm writing, it is time to relook at the junk I've been posting.
    Note to self: WRITE MORE CLEARLY!!!.... That or translate to Burmese.

  3. Wow that's the first time I see kom posted the longest comment on your blog. That's quite an improvement, should thank her. :)

    I guess she's done some research just to read/understand your post. That shows her dedication on your post and you have achieved what you desire ie. to get meaningful comment.

    I can say, your style of writing is just fine. It lets the curious readers do their own research to understand what's you are saying if they actually want to know; by doing so, they learn something new, which is good for them, IMHO.