Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Kryptonite

Just returned from playing badminton with my mom's group. Yeah, she's a badminton addict too. I don't play badminton with my mom's group regularly because they have a lot more beginners than good players. Good thing is they use Feather shuttles and I love playing with feather.

When I play with this group, it's a given that I'll be paired with a weak player, playing against two of their best players. I expect and enjoy this special treatment. I really like the challenge of having to cover both sides of the court. It pushes me to perform better and gives me a good running game.

Occasionally, I find myself paired with an impossible to play with partner. I don't mean someone who's just starting to learn badminton. If it were them, I can handle having to run around them. I mean one of those players who have played for a few years but never improved because of bad habits.

These guys are the bane of my existence. They are my kryptonite.

When I'm doing most of the running in the game, I want my partner to at least give me some space. There are some players who would condone off a huge chunk of the court and would not rotate to give me a better chance. The guys are the worst offenders. The girls give me all the space I want and they really know where to position themselves. That's probably why I prefer the mixed doubles. I can win more doubles games with a weak girl partner than a stupid guy partner.

Today, I met one of those impossible players and he cost me two games. I'm glad I got to play today though. It was a good work out and badminton is always fun.


  1. hmmmmmm, girls give you lots of space and "they really know where to position themselves". Mate seems you getting there.