Sunday, February 01, 2009

Firefox != Chrome ... yet.

Google Chrome is currently my favourite web browser. I used to use Firefox but these days, I use Chrome as my primary browser.

I think Chrome is just faster and a lot better looking than Firefox. Chrome is of course a work in progress and there a lot more features to be added. I switched to the developer preview channel using the channel changer tool available on and now I get weekly updates and bug fixes.

Google believes all browsers in the world should work like Chrome. Meaning they should be more secure and have better support for web applications etc. Apparently, some people think browsers should look like Chrome too. Take the Chrome style Firefox themes for example.

Now they've released another update to bring Firefox a little closer to Chrome. This time, exporting to Firefox, Chrome's New Tab page with thumbnails of most visited webpages. The cool thing about this Firefox only update is that the Most Visited list is editable. This feature is not present on Chrome itself. Maybe one day, they'll port it back upstream.

Via: Official Google Blog: Google Toolbar in Firefox: a personalized new tab page


  1. the problem with Google is that when they do something, they want everyone to do it with them or like them.

    I am pretty sure that all the crap Google says about M$ is going to be exactly what they're going to be doing themselves in the future. What then? Who will be the monopoly crybaby then?

  2. Bro, your glass is half empty but mine looks half full :)

    If I wanted to do something big, I'd need lots of helpers too.
    It's only the people who obsessively want to recreate the world in their image that we have to worry about. What's the internet labels for these guys? Ah yes, Nazis.

  3. still.. firefox as being a conservative

  4. The best thing about Chrome IMO is the address bar: it is a triumph of usability. Addresses, searches, history all wrapped up in a very intuitive package. I find myself becoming frustrated with the Firefox address bar / Search / history panel combo when I switch.

    I can't see why a smart cookie (pardon the pun) somewhere can't have a look at the Chrome source code and port it to Firefox ... because face it, as brilliant as the Chrome user experience package is .... I spend most of my day in web developer mode, where Firefox and its add-ons kick Chrome's shiny pants.

    But I do want that address bar ... and maybe the ability to drag tabs into new windows.

    @Rizwan ... if they provide the source code, I don't care who they are or what their agenda is. We can learn from the bits that work, and just ignore the code blocks dedicated to world domination.

  5. @Jachin the ability to drag tabs in and out of windows is there in Firefox. The beta version I'm using has it I mean. So, if it's not in yours yet, you can rest assured it's coming.