Thursday, February 05, 2009

Google brings Aussies the HTC Dream on one condition

...they must cede the continental status of Australia to Asia. The islands of Australia shall become a part of the Asian continent and Australians shall henceforth be known as Asians.

So says Karim Temsamani, General Manager, Google Australia and New Zealand

We were one of the first countries to get open Gmail signups, and to see Street View imagery on Google Maps. Today, I'm delighted that the HTC Dream is being launched in Australia by Optus, making us the first country in Asia to get an Android-powered mobile device.

Image Via Google: HTC Dream Smart Phone

Either Mr. Temsamani is using some sort of marketing trick involving overusing completely unrelated keywords or he seriously needs a geography lesson.

I asked my friend in Australia if he considered Australia part of Asia and he replied with a big fat NOPE in capital letters so, I don't believe most Australians share the same identity crisis the Google GM is suffering from.

BTW, I'd love to get my hands on an Android phone or the Neo Freerunner from OpenMoko guys.

Seen on: Official Google Australia Blog: First Android-powered phone released in Australia


  1. Hmm, I raised my left eyebrow when I read that on the Google Australia blog as well.
    As an Australian, I certainly don't consider Australia part of Asia.
    Australia isn't even part of the Asian continent, to begin with.

  2. Hmm.. I asked my friend Ian the same question, "Do you consider Australia part of Asia?" and he replied FIFA does. May be Mr Temsamani is a soccer fan.