Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How I met a man from Berlin

First of all, I'd like to apologise to all ten of my RSS feed subscribers for not posting anything for such a long time. My work requires so much left brain activity that I fear the derelict creative half permanently impaired.

Right, back on topic...

I'm an international host thanks to this little blog. A few months ago, I forget how many, it may have been 1 or 2. I don’t ever track time. Anyway, a few months ago, Jörg emailed me. It’s the typical (as in I’ve seen exactly two)
“Hey, what’s up? I’m gonna be in Suva between these dates. Wanna play badminton, etc..”
OK, the email didn’t go just like that but I archived it in my gmail and am too lazy to dig it up now for your entertainment.

So I replied and let him know of the schedules for playing badminton. Unfortunately, during that time Badminton was not on a proper schedule because most players were away but we made do.

I’m going to cut the long story short just because I’m particularly lazy today. Jörg finally made it to Suva after a few weeks and we met up at one of the badminton venues. I had no idea what he looked like so was just watching for strange faces. Turns out, he is a well built muscular guy just a little older than I am. And that’s how I met a man from Berlin. The end.

Ah wait. We introduced ourselves next, and I had to find out what he was doing here in Suva so far away from home because he didn’t give away anything in his emails and I admit I get curious sometimes.
My new friend Jörg was here on holiday. On a long sailing trip with a couple of friends in his little yacht from Germany to destinations across the world. It all sounded wonderful. He made me wish I could forget my work load and take that overdue vacation.

We played quite a few sessions of badminton together so I got to know his style well. I think he plays singles better than he played doubles. Factoring in his fitness, he won a few sets off me.

I’m so glad I started this blog because it lets me meet new friends to play badminton with and I’m very happy there are people out there who would contact me to play badminton while they visit Suva whether they’re here for work, or on vacation. It is always nice to play against someone different.

Thank you Jörg for the game and happy travels.

Photo taken at Hyundai Fitness Center, Suva.
From left to right me, Jörg and me mum.

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