Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shoes shopping.. NOT talking about the ladies passtime

I need new court shoes.

I'd settle for Herme's winged sandals but failing that, I wouldn't mind hopping around in this one.

Fiji has a very small population and an even smaller number of badminton players (think less than 50).
What that means is if you want new baddy shoes, your choices are limited. You'd be lucky to find suitable indoor shoes. Most times, I find myself stuck with an ugly Prince™ tennis canvas that's been on the shelf a few years.

I bought the pair I'm using from Singapore but it's at the end of its days. The insoles have worn out. I'm considering buying my next pair off ebay resellers. Ever since I got my visa card I've been itching to use it to shop online :)

I'm off to find a good deal online.

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