Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing badminton in Suva

Badminton is unfortunately, only a minor sport in Fiji.
We don't get much attention or competition here. I know of only two schools with active badminton teams.

We have three badminton clubs in Suva, one that plays on Thursday nights, one on Sundays; and the club I play with playing Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Aside from that, Fiji Badminton holds training sessions on the weekends but there's no playing usually. I prefer playing to training so I haven't been there in years.

My club plays with plastic shuttles because we have only 6 members. Hall bookings and shuttles especially are not cheap in Fiji but we make do.

The thing I love about my club is the members are very enthusiastic. We would email each other from work to confirm we'll be at the courts at 7pm. The guys are more likely to turn down invitations to parties than cancel badminton. Everyone is needed at the courts on badminton night and we have almost a sense of duty to be there no matter what.

When old members who migrated to New Zealand or Australia visit Fiji, they know to bring their badminton gear. It's fantastic to play guys you haven't played with for years and see how their game has or hasn't changed.

Now you know a little about Badminton in Suva and the people I play with.


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  1. Hallo,
    my name is Jorg. I will visit Fiji from 8th of February for two months. I am looking for Badminton Clubs, i played Badminton in Germany for nearly 10 Years and i love it. Please let me know where are the Clubs in Suva and Nadi. Is it possible to come to your training and to enjoy Badminton?
    My email is

    Thanks, Jorg